The Forgotten Promise

Overview: The Forgotten Promise is a dynamic website dedicated to promoting Sherry Wilde’s book of the same name. The website serves as a hub for readers to explore and order the author’s book through the convenient PayPal online instant payment system. It also features regular YouTube interviews, offering readers a glimpse into the author’s amazing experiences. Additionally, a blog section provides a platform for the author to share insights and engage with readers.

Challenge: I faced the challenge of effectively promoting the author’s book, providing a seamless online ordering process, and engaging readers with exclusive content. The goal was to create an interactive platform that not only showcases the book but also offers additional value through interviews and blog articles.

Solution: The website’s design centers around the author’s book, captivating visitors with an eye-catching book cover and a compelling description. The integration of the PayPal online instant payment system ensures a smooth and secure ordering experience, allowing readers to purchase the book with ease.

To establish a personal connection between the author and readers, the website includes regular YouTube interviews. These interviews and lectures delve into the author’s incredible alien experiences. 

The website also features a dedicated blog section, where the author shares insights and engaging articles.

Results: Since its launch, The Forgotten Promise has successfully promoted the author’s book and facilitated meaningful engagement with readers. The integration of the PayPal online instant payment system has streamlined the ordering process, leading to increased book sales and customer satisfaction.

The embedded YouTube interviews have provided readers with a personal and behind-the-scenes look into the author’s journey, creating a stronger connection and generating excitement for the book.

The blog section has served as a valuable resource for readers, offering them insights and engaging content. This has not only enhanced reader engagement but also solidified the author’s credibility, further supporting the success of the book.

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